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We Build Your Website

If you need us to build your website, we can.  Some things can’t be rushed, but, if you need a website right away, we can get one to you in 24 hours.  A WordPress Website, used by the best – Fortune 500 companies.  A foundation, everything you need to build one of the worlds most impressive websites.  We’ll add to it a landing page, “contact us” form, free custom domain name for the website, emails and more… 

green-checkWordPress Website

green-check“Under Construction” Landing Page

green-check“Contact Us” form

green-checkSMTP mail relay service

green-checkHosting Site Location

green-checkS/MIME Email Certificate

green-checkGoogle Analytics for reporting

green-checkElementor Plug in for page customizations

green-checkContact Form for customer response

green-checkSSL Certificate for secure encrypted access

green-checkSecure Password for those you authorize to control your site

green-checkAkismet Anti-Sam for automated site protection

green-checkSupport until you know how

green-checkIncludes mail delivery system

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Do IT Right From The Start!

Many Small Businesses with a modest budget make a big mistake.  Your website will change dramatically in the passing months with weekly, often more frequent changes.  New employees to post, different services to offer, articles, testimonials, projects, images, new need for services such as payment gateways, photo galleries, videos, SEO enhancements, visual improvements, the list is endless.  Don’t let the platform you start with prevent your application of newly discovered needs.  WordPress does it all for you, preventing the waste of hundreds of hours having to start all over again.  Get your foot in the door at the same low cost, do it right from the start with WordPress, the platform that does it all. 

What WordPress Offers…

green-checkTHEME OPTIONS

A Theme determines your site’s appearance and navigation.  There are thousands to select from that can be customized according to your requirements, to emphasize your brand and its unique qualities.  


A highly appealing feature packed utility for e-commerce stores.  It’s seamless integration with WordPress provides a powerful solution offering store owners and developer complete control, the most effective means for selling goods online. 


Your site can grow as your business grows.  Thousands of pages or blogs can be added without any compromise to performance.  It’s one of many reasons why so many businesses are using it. 

green-checkW3C COMPLIANCE

W3C Compliance and standards has become a necessity.  HTML and CSS code that a website is built on must be FULLY compliant with standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C for short).  Compliance helps ensure the browsing experience is uniform accross platforms (iexplorer, chrome, firefox – PC, MAC, etc.), that search engine results for SEO ranking is optional and more.

green-checkSEO FRIENDLY

Because WordPress code is simple and clean, with content easily read and indexed, search engines love it.  Customization’s can be made to SEO components ensuring the highest possible search engine ranking, and with all the plugins available, even more improvement ensure your sites exposure to a maximum number of viewing types you select. 


Pay the wrong web-designer thousands of dollars to build your site from ground and you may find yourself paying thousands more to address security threats, compatibility issues and more.  Instead of spending thousands more, with WordPress you receive updates and patches cost free and frequently. WordPress is always cutting-edge and secure.


Making and keeping your Website secure is easy because of the constant improving to plugins that are available.  WordPress ensures the ability to “harden”, make your site hack proof.


WordPress can be used to create a variety of websites.  Use of for personal blogs, a business no matter its size or sophistication, for an e-commerce store.  You also have the option of selecting one of thousands of designs, or custom designing your own.



Mobile phones are being used more than ever for viewing websites. They need to be “responsive”, able to convert your website to clean, nicely viewable imagery and text for your audience. WordPress is Responsive.

A plethora of Plugins, the backbone of this platform are available for optimizations; enhancements to richen the viewers experience.  These tools also allow Website Developers what’s necessary to easily perform the task.

What We’re Adding…

Exchange Email Account

Any e-mail name with the address.  Exchange is best for security, scalability, availability and access.

Don’t make the mistake using other technologies such as  POP3 or IMAP.  Use what the professionals use, Microsoft Exchange.  

Hackers fake their identity, pretend their someone you know. When successful they steal identities, passwords, get into bank accounts and more.

Signing Certificates ensure the identity of email users. Know who you’re talking to and assure others it’s actually you.

Every morning you’ll receive a “last 24 hours” report showing messages blocked, received and more.

With a simple click you can review blocked messages, send them to you inbox, discover why good messages were blocked, why bad messages weren’t, and more.

Fully functional, all options available for end users to perform.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides valuable insights to help you shape a successful strategy for your business. 

Learn details about what people do when visiting your site, how long they stay, what pages they visit. 

Data is collected for you automatically, input to reports you customize to show details important to your organization.

real estate landing page

Landing Page with “Contact Us”

A front page for your first visitors.  Page will include a “Contact Us” utility for sending messages to you.  We will configure our SMTP relay servers for it to work, website hosting to broadcast your site for visitor viewing and access, install all necessary security certificates, page enhancement plugins, anti-virus and other security applications and more. 

You page will be up and ready within 24 hours of purchase, email service active, secured and ready.  Password access to your site, for page-building and more provided you.  Our team may be hired for further site development, or accessed by another of your choosing for doing the same.

You site will be secured and backed up daily.  Should any problem occur we are available to restore your website to a prior day’s setting within 24 hours.

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WordPress Website

Business and Home Editions
$ 349
$14.99 monthly hosting
  • Wordpress Professional Installation
  • Exchange Email Account
  • Website Security Certificate
  • S/MIME Email Certificate
  • SMTP Mail Relay Service
  • Elementor Page Enahancer
  • Contact Form
  • Akismet Anti-Spam Protection
  • Security Management Plugins
  • Google Analytics Account
  • Landing Page
  • Website Hosting
  • Support Till You Know How
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