Cloud Computing

If you want to leave the hardware business, all the maintenance, upgrades, and other costs associated with owning your own equipment, then move to the cloud and focus on what you do best.   Computer IT Solutions’ cloud computing provides your business with a simple, flexible and affordable IT infrastructure complete with 100% setup and technical support for a small monthly fee.  We include the hardware, software, and data security you need to keep your business running safely and efficiently.

Cloud Computing Benefits Include:

– No need for initial capital investment.
– Scale up or down as your business needs change without wasted expense.
– No additional IT staff needed.
– More time for you to focus on your business priorities.
– Data backup and recovery provided for you.
– Centralized management console
– No worry about storage space, setup, IT support, etc.


SSL Encryption.  Critical data will be safe from unauthorized access and natural disasters with our cloud computing multiple redundant storage sites.


Virtualization of Servers and Workstations, Windows & Linux. As your business’ needs change, we can change hardware and software requirements for you – and without the need for you to make a big capital investment.

Service and Support

24/7 access to cloud computing professionals who will monitor your system and provide you with assistance whenever you need it.

High Performance

Our cloud computing services offer benefits such as server virtualization, automatic data backup, and high-level accessibility at prices your small business can afford.