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Why Should You Choose Computer IT Solutions as Your Remote IT Service Provider

Every weekend you spend a little time on the computer, dabbling in the latest software.  During one period your technological life you created your own computer from scratch, using the best video and graphics and audio cards, a high speed processor, wireless Internet connection, and enough RAM, which at the time was preposterous,  However, with today’s machines you learned that the amount you gave yourself is commonplace.  Somehow, this information got out around the office, which has led to one thing.  Every time a colleague’s machine breaks, gets a black screen of death, or sometimes just overheats from being left on too long, it is now your responsibility to repair these machines.

The worst part of all of this is that even though you’re classified as office support, the others expect you to take on this additional responsibility without additional pay.  Of course, this makes you nervous, after all, if you break any printer, computer, or other assorted computer equipment, the corporate office will have your head, because it shouldn’t have been your responsibility to begin with.  Eventually, you go to your boss requesting a pay increase as well as a title change, because if you are going to be the IT department in your remote office, you definitely should be paid more than you are.  Upon hearing your plea, your boss orders an IT company specializing in providing remote IT services.  That’s where we come in.  Computer IT Solutions provides many different services, which will help manage your IT issues.

One of the most common complaints about a typical IT department is that it never seems to be around when you need it.  With good remote IT services, the disruption to your workday will soon be a memory.  What we will do is if we aren’t available to come into the office to assist you is access your computer via remote computer programs.  These programs allow us to see what the problem is, diagnose it, and repair it quickly.  This way, you won’t lose hope in your IT department, and you will be able to continue working as though nothing had happened.

Read how Computer IT Solutions can support your company remotely as well as the computer software we use to do so.

Passionate about Corporate IT Services

Managed It Support ServicesYou’ve seen it, whenever your computer malfunctions be it a printer needs to be cleaned or has one of those paper jams caused by a microscopic piece of paper, a correcting a projector’s light angle, or even a smoking computer, there is that one overworked computer repair technician, who comes in and seems like a zombie, providing corporate IT services.  It seems like they are only there for to receive a paycheck and want to leave their on-the-go offices as soon as physically possible.  When you attempt to approach them, a series of grunts is your usual response, instead of something comprehensible.  When they first make their appearance, they typically ignore the front desk receptionist, bullying their way through lunchrooms and eventually ending up at the desk of the employee who called and requested that they visit to repair damaged equipment in the first place.  Usually, they are rude and are oftentimes barking into their walkie talkies, which are turned up loud enough that your colleagues can hear the conversation as though they are in the same room.

When you select Computer IT Solutions, we make sure that our technicians not only are courteous, but are passionate about what they’re doing.  Every day, when our technicians arrive at our offices, they look forward to what IT issue they are going to face today, like a big IT puzzle.  We understand that the problem with your IT malfunction is already stressful, most of times interrupting daily activities of your work.  That’s why we come in, attempt to answer any technical questions that you may have, and repair your equipment or software as quickly, most efficiently, and painlessly as possible.

Computer IT Solutions has been around longer than most corporate IT companies.  We were founded in 1992 (three years before the Internet was fully commercialized), when our founder, Dan Mazur had the revelation that by using networks as well as other methods of filing, the traditional pen and paper files would soon be replaced by documents and spreadsheets.  At this time, public access to the Internet was in its infancy: it was in 1995 when Internet Service Providers commercialized the Internet to the public as it is known today.  Because of his vision, we were able to grow our brand at had a head start when it came to corporate IT services.

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What Can Computer IT Solutions Do for You When it Comes to Enterprise IT Solutions?

If you happen to have an enterprise system in place, we will make sure that we utilize it to make it one of our enterprise IT solutions for you.  We will use it to create help desk tickets, which will help manage our time and resources and insure that you receive the best quality service as possible.  Please keep in mind, this is one of the many functions of an enterprise system.

While it may be cumbersome to figure out what exactly an enterprise software system is, it is easy to relate it to the human body.  While certain employees may be considered the heart, an enterprise software system is considered the brain.  An enterprise software system usually maintains several different aspects of you and your employees’ lives.  It can produce analytical reports to figure out where a project went wrong budget wise.  It can also print reports on how many vacation and sick days one of your employees has taken.  Another instance of a function of an enterprise system is project management.  Expenses and financial budgets aren’t the only things you want to track with a project.  You also want to track the time that each person takes to complete a task so if you need to improve your time allocation next time, you will.

One of our many services include employee monitoring systems.  This system will reveal if your employees are actually using their time to work on a project or not.  This also includes monitoring for malware as well.

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