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    Computer IT Solutions: Corporate Computer Maintenance Services in Miami, FL

    It never fails.  While working late on a long stretch of fifteen hour days, you are plugging away on the massive project with unrealistic deadlines, which isn’t completely out of the norm for you and your department at this company.  Like many of the companies in business today, there is a constant battle to schedule resources and people effectively and that has led you to the predicament you are in now.  Words and numbers stopped making sense a while ago and whenever you take a break, your eyes have to spend a few minutes to refocus on any object outside your computer. 

    Corporate Computer Maintenance ServicesAs you reseat yourself, you start to type once more, however, your machine is moving sluggishly.  Looking at the top of the program’s screen, you see “(Not Responding)”, a sure sign of trouble.  After a few moments, the program relinquishes control, suddenly back to its responsive self.  After that incident, you decide that if your computer is done for the night, then you are as well.  The next morning you come in and turn on your machine to get a black screen.  Nothing seems to help, it sounds like it is working fine, but you’re not sure why you’re not seeing your home screen at all.As a dead panic sets in, you try to communicate with your IT department conveniently over three states over. 

    They’ve made it abundantly clear that you and your office aren’t a priority.  Eventually you do manage to get a hold of someone, and of course the inevitable question of “why didn’t you file a help desk ticket” comes up.  As you calmly attempt to explain to them it was impossible, you realize that when the time for budget revisions come up, you are going to suggest investing in an additional IT support service to help with technical issues within the city or in your office, opposed to calling to an already inundated support department a few states over.  At Computer IT Solutions, we will be happy to help by providing some of the best outsourced IT support services in Miami.

    Corporate Data Recovery Services in Miami, FL

    With the example above, there could have been some issues with the graphics card or the operating system, something to do with the local device itself.  With bigger problems like a server crash, only professionals should look into repairing and restoring devices and servers.  Either way, when this type of situation arises, you would probably do best by hiring an IT consulting firm.  When you are first looking at companies to host your data on offsite data servers, there are a few things to consider.

    The first is the most important.  Every company has their special ingredient or process that sets them apart from the rest.  Without solid and trusting service providers, you are not going to be able to keep your secrets for very long at all.  Loss due to either technical issues or devious personnel (this is not only restricted to your hired IT consultants, this can be your other employees as well) not respecting your intellectual property is a kiss of death to any business. You need to have confidence in your IT consulting service that they will not take or damage any of your confidential materials.  A lot of companies often overlook IT personnel thinking that because they aren’t in the office as much, they couldn’t possibly take data that didn’t belong to them.

    Similarly to a car dealer, the IT consulting company you are looking to hire needs to be accredited in being able to repair your specific brand of servers.  Make sure they can show you their credentials when you meet them if they make this claim.  In this case a little white lie can cost your company millions to first purchase the new server and then additional time and effort to populate the server now with obsolete information. 

    Lastly, when you are looking to secure a deal with an IT consulting company, you want to make sure that their facilities are compliant with ISO 14644-1 protocol.  This means that the server room is kept at a nice low temperature where dust, static, and other debris are safely removed to maintain clean and safe server rooms.

    Computer Data Backup in Miami

    Computer Data Backup in MiamiWith computers, oftentimes users will overlook some of the most rudimentary upkeep to maintain the health of our machines.  Similarly to a car, if you forget to change the oil or perform routine maintenance, you will end up with a smoky metallic mess.  While with a car, it can be a little more life threatening, a computer dying without much warning could kill years of your work.  On a broader spectrum, a server crash is ten times more catastrophic, crippling entire offices, due to poor maintenance.  What we do at Computer IT Solutions will keep you at ease with maintaining and keeping your data.

    In the past, when you wanted to secure your files, you relied on folders, binders, or filing cabinets for physical data and floppy disks, CDs, and more recently, thumb drives for our electric data.  Technology’s advances have been so rapid that newer users in the business arena aren’t familiar with floppy disks at all. 

    What we can do to help you is not only maintain your office’s server, but also create an offsite network, with two our different servers that will back up your data on as much as a daily basis.  Both servers are local (one server is in Miami Lakes and the other is near Miami International Airport), which will aid in saving and opening speed.  One thing that we do that our competitors may not is that we monitor your servers every day, checking for bugs, unexpected crashes and other potential issues as well as repairing or updating each of the servers (both onsite and offsite) to make sure that communication is constant.  In addition to this, we will upgrade your servers with the newest software to keep your office running as smoothly as possible.