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Laptop Not Working?

Repair of any laptop for

(includes shipping to you)

Just bring your laptop to USPS.  It will cost about $16.10 including the box for delivery to us.


Bring your laptop to USPS.  Package for shipping and include;

  • Return mailing address.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Description of problems experienced.

Send to;

Computer IT Solutions, Inc.

15315 NW 60th Avenue

Suite 100

Miami Lakes, Florida 33014


Services include;

  • Repair allowing proper windows startup.
  • Virus & malware removal.
  • Operating system updates.
  • Performance enhancements. 
  • Driver upgrades.
  • Fan & Battery inspection.
  • Dust removal.
  • Memory check.
  • Hard Drive check.
  • Spyware scan.
  • Security check.
  • Bloatware removal.
  • Hardware cleanup.

Not included;

  • Hardware replacement if needed.
  • Software license costs if required.
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