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    Backup Services

    Offsite Backups

    When disaster strikes your business the main concern is how quickly you can get your critical business functions up and running. The speed at which this happens will depend largely on your current backup strategy. An improperly designed strategy can result in days of downtime and possibly months/years, even permanent data loss. A correctly designed strategy can have you up and running again in minutes even in the most catastrophic situation.
    One of the biggest issues is even if you have a correctly engineered solution unless the backups are stored offsite a disaster such as a fire or flood can both destroy your data and your backup. Computer IT Solutions provides a completely managed solution where your data is backed up to secure remote locations.

    How It Works

    An agent,pdf-datadupe is running on each of your servers and workstations is communicating over the internet with our backup servers in the Computer IT Solutions Data Centers. The agent is responsible for duplication of all your important data ensuring its risk of loss is prevented.
    The agent acts intelligently ensuring that only changes in your data are backed up. This reduces the amount of data that has to be transferred saving backup time and bandwidth cost/usage.

    When Disaster Strikes


    The accidental deletion of a file can be resolved with the file restored to its last state or any other prior state within minutes. Just select the file and click “Restore” from any of the listed times and dates last modified.
    In the event of a major disaster several options are available. If the Server or Workstation hardware is not damaged, or damaged parts have been replaced, the entire system can be restored to it. If not, the system can be restored “in the cloud” or to Computer IT Solutions backup hardware until hardware is repaired or replaced.



    pdf-4Email BackupOur Offsite Backups are fully Microsoft Exchange Aware. We can quickly restore entire mailboxes or even individual emails. We also provide backup mail servers so mail flow is not disturbed if your mail system is down.

    pdf-5Database BackupOur Offsite Backups fully support Microsoft SQL. Databases can be restored in a simple one step processes.


    Active Directory and System State BackupOur Offsite Backups take a System State Backup to ensure that in the event of a major disaster your system can be restored to its original state. Active Directory Backups ensure that your network credentials can be restored.


    Block Level BackupAll backups are performed at the block level. This means that only changes are backed up offsite. This minimises the amount of data that is required to be transferred lowering costs and speeding up backups.



    Bare Metal RestorationIn the event of a major disaster Offsite Backups can be restored to different hardware. This allows flexibility in that if the server is unrecoverable we can restore the server to the cloud while new hardware is on order. Once the new hardware arrives we can migrate the server from the cloud onto the new hardware.


    Managed Backup Setup and MonitoringOffsite Backups are a managed product. We actively monitor the backups daily to ensure
    they are running and we resolve any issues detected. This is critical as most Offsite Backup services are not professionally monitored. Don’t risk the loss of your data by assigning backup monitoring to someone on your staff who doesn’t have the proper expertise or motivation.



    There are a couple of components that make up the pricing. A per server fee is a license fee that is paid per server each year. There is also a storage fee. This is the amount of storage allocated to you. For an accurate price contact us.

    Service Price
    Per Server License $179 Per Year
    30GB of Data Storage $29 Per Month
    50GB of Data Storage $49 Per Month
    100GB of Data Storage $69 Per Month
    Up to 1TB or more of Data Storage Call



    How do I know my data is safe?
    Computer IT Solutions Monitors your backups to ensure that any issues are resolved immediately. Your data is stored in our two Data Centers in Miami Lakes and by MIA on the corner of Flagler and Lejeune. Your data is stored in a secure facility featuring:

    • 24 Hour Security Monitoring with Security Cameras
    • Backup UPS ensuring continual operation in the event of loss of power
    • Connected to Multiple Carriers to ensure access to backups in the event of a carrier failure
    • 24 Hour network monitoring

    Offsite – Online Data Backups for Businesses

    The stats: 72% of businesses that suffer major data loss disappear within 24 months. U.S. businesses lose over $12 billion per year because of data loss. 100% of all hard disks will die having a 3 – 5 year average life span. Overall average hard drive failure rate as high as 13%.

    *** case studies and sources available at compits.net

    • Easy – nothing to do or learn, we setup, program and monitor for you.
    • Automatic – once setup your backups protected with offsite copies daily.
    • Secure – AES 128 – 256 encrypted SSL transfer.
    • Redundant protection – copied to two remote datacenters to avoid disasters.
    • Reports – electronically mailed daily to confirm successful backups.
    • Comprehensive – capable of restoring any system from crash, not just business data recovery.
    • Any System – for desktops, Laptops, Workstations and Servers.


    Let’s face it, data is important, and it has changed significantly over the years. At one time data could have simply been regarded as paper in file cabinets, and let’s face it, the transition to digital data was a difficult one for most. There are still some reservations held by many. For example, digital information can be easily lost. That is actually quite true, but you should also consider that data stored on paper can be lost, and it can be extremely difficult to piece back together after a fire, water damage, or even theft. Digital information on the other hand can be easily recovered and put back into use if you have the right software and a skilled technician ready to perform the recover. This, is where we come in.

    There when you Need Us

    We understand that when it comes to IT, your company cannot afford downtime. That being the case, we will help you by performing backup services 24/7 and ensuring that your data is there, ready to be replaced or re-used in the event of a problem. Let’s face it, when it comes to stored data there are many things that can simply go wrong. You might not be worried about a fire, or even physical theft, but you do have to worry about viruses, spyware, malware, and even user related accidents that might not have been a concern in the days of paper and filing cabinets.

    Backup services go far beyond simple data recovery. This is a secure method of hosting lal of your most important files, from project plans, to employee records, to your tax records from the last ten years. All of these are incredibly important, and when it comes to backing them up, you need a company that you can trust – a company like us.

    So Many Reasons to Back Up

    While moving forward in any company is critical, there will always be plenty of reason for you to backup. As we said before, you have to consider your tax records, but you must also consider designs for products that you have created, or even service records for customers that you have worked with. This information will be instrumental in moving forward, and for this reason, you must do your best to ensure that it is safe.

    Our service will not only allow you to back for information up, but also to access it virtually any time you need. Our security measures will help to ensure that you and only you will be able to gain access, ultimately guaranteeing that you will not only have a backup, but also a secure backup that you can count on for many years to come.

    Business is tough, keeping your data secure can be even tougher. Make sure you account for all of the potential problems your enterprise can bring and make sure that you are ready for the worst. It may never happen, and hopefully you will never need that backup, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared!