home-topWelcome to the future. It’s not the future predicted in most movies, but technology is rampant, especially in business! Whether you are running a business or simply dealing with your home computer, there will come a time when you need to address technical problems with your machines. Whether it is a desktop, a laptop, or a server, things happen that are not necessarily within our control. There are two major factors that can affect your machine.

Computer Damage Repairs – Outside Influences

Outside influences are more common now thanks to the internet. This can include spyware, malware, and even viruses. Believe it or not many malware programs can infect your computer without your consent, and while illegal, it is very difficult to trace. This makes your vigilance more important than ever before.

Internal Influences

Hardware failure, software corruption, cooling issues, voltage inconsistencies, all of these can contribute to the downfall of even the mightiest rigs. While hardware issues do happen, not everyone has the knowledge to fix them, and this is where the professionals come into the picture!

The Process of Fixing Your Computers

So what is it that we can do to help you? First of all, we understand, and understand quite well that your business cannot afford to lose time. Time is money, and the last thing you want to do is halt your entire operation because of a computer failure, regardless of the severity or the type. What we bring to your business and your computers is a three step process:

Diagnose: We examine the hardware and determine what the problem is. Whether it is internal or external, we can make the determination and quote a price. No computer or laptop is broken forever – sometimes the problem might be simpler than you think.

Repair: Out come the tools! We might not even need to open the case; some repairs simply require software tweaking, scans, or even reinstallation of core software. Either way, we can fix it, and we can get your machine back into the game.

Maintain: Our job  doesn’t end simply because we fixed the problem. We ensure that your computers continue to stand the test of time, and that they work. Take a look at our maintenance packages and see what we can offer your business!

As technology becomes more and more advanced, more potential disasters loom on the technological horizon. The internal and external forces we mentioned are always a possibility, but try to remember that we cannot list all of the potential problems. By calling us to take care of the problem you are not only saving yourself a considerable amount of time, but also some much needed money.

Things happen, many of which are out of your control. When technological disasters happen we will be there to get you back on track and make sure you don’t lose any more time, productivity, or money than you have to. Leave the complicated technical work to us and we’ll get oyu back on track before you know it!