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    Data Recovery

    home-topNo matter how many precautions you take you will always face the possibility of losing your data. When you are running a business, you quite frankly cannot afford to lose any of your data. If you think about it, you will quickly realize that your ‘data’ consists of project plans, communications with customers, employee records, even your tax records. Purchase records, along with sales records are also a part of your data. Some of this would be downright painful to lose and could cause legal problems down the road. That being said, data recovery is going to be a very important part of your business, and one that you simply cannot live without. Sometimes, even when all seems lost, recovery is still possible!

    Data Recovery Services – The First line of Defense

    The first line of defense against lost data will obviously be a backup, and we offer those services, but in the event it fails, data recovery will become your only option. Once you move on to this more realistic option, there are several things that you will need to consider, especially when it comes to choosing a company that will handle your recovery.

    Choosing the Right Data Recovery Specialists in South Florida

    Before you choose a company you will first need to make sure that they have manufacturer authorization. This means having certification from the builder of the device(drive) allowing the company to perform maintenance on said device and others like it. The difference, of course, is that the company will be able to perform the maintenance without voiding the original warranty on the device. Keep in mind that there are many services that claim to have the authorization but are unwilling to produce paperwork of any kind to back up their claims.

    Does the company have the right and optimal facilities for working on your drive? Even with the right certifications it is critical that they have the proper clean room free of dust, static, and other environmental factors that could easily spell disaster for your drive. It is recommended that the clean room in question be class 5 as outline by ISO 14644-1. These and many others may seem like small details, but they will help you considerably when you are seeking data recovery. The foremost expectation should be the recovery of your data while leaving the drive intact, and we are the experts.

    Finally, how will the company treat any of your security concerns? Data recovery companies/service are in a unique position to see sensitive information, so how will they deal with it? As a data recovery/storage company we will endeavor to treat your confidential information with the utmost respect while ensuring you get what you need, intact, and away from wandering eyes.

    Don’t delay! Make sure you have a good option for data recovery and that they(we) are available at a moment’s notice. It might not seem like a service you need, but when you do need it, it most certainly comes inhandy!