Email Hosting

Mail HostingAs a business you will need some type of e-mail solution, and this means more than simply opening up a gmail or Hotmail address for your employees or your company. While those are fine services, what you need is the promise of 100% reliability, and that is simply not something that you are going to have at the consumer level. Instead, you will be forced to deal with the very real possibility that your e-mail COULD experience downtime, and when you need to contact customers or clients, that simply is not going to cut it. You need a solution that is going to offer you great uptime along with high security, ensuring that you are the only one reading your e-mail.

Fortunately, we offer a number of different outstanding e-mail options for you and your business along with outstanding uptime and security. Let’s take a look at some of the features that you can look forward to enjoying:

2 GB of Storage per Mailbox – Never delete anything again! With two gigabytes of storage you can keep all of your most important messages, and recall them as needed.

30 Day Trial – If you’re not sure as to whether  or not you need the service, you can use and enjoy a 30 day trial with the full features of the e-mail service.

Month to Month Billing – There is no need for you to find yourself locked into a contract, especially over an e-mail service. Our month to month billing gives you no set term or obligation – keep the service as long as you need, dump it when you’re ready or find something better!

Free Setup – Let’s be honest, it’s an e-mail account. All we need to do is go into your mail daemon software, add your information and press a few keys. There is no need for a $100 setup fee.

Choose your Doman – Have you ever wanted your own @ domain name? Here’s your chance! You can have any name you want so long as it’ss available, even your company name. In addition to that you can have unlimited e-mail aliases, ensuring each department in your company has a contact address.

Client Compatibility – You can be rest assured that your e-mail will be compatible with Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, and even the ancient 97. Furthermore it will be compatible with most past versions of Windows, all the way to 2000.

Nightly Backups – Your data is safe and secure with us as we perform nightly backups to tape, ensuring that your data will always be both safe and available to you.

Hosted at your Office – If you want to keep your hardware and sensitive data in your office, we can setup and manage mail servers right on your property for you.

 In the Cloud – Mail Servers are also available virtualized in Hyper-V on our Blade Servers and can be accessed by you from anywhere.

These are just a few of the amazing features that we will offer you when you sign up for your very own e-mail account. Remember, you are getting far more than just e-mail with this service! You are purchasing the ability to distinguish yourself to your clients, and you are purchasing a far better uptime than you would get with the traditional free e-mail accounts. It’s time to become someone.