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Using Managed It Support Services Miami

There was a time when businesses could simply run on word of mouth, but these days, computers are a vital part of any establishment, and with good reason. First of all, you will find that every company, save for a few rural holdouts, are using the internet to advertise, and they are also using internal networks to stay organized. We have reached a point where if you do not use a computer network in your business, then your business will not last for much longer. That being said, you need not only computers, but also a tech support division to keep your network up and running. That might sound simple, but when you consider what your IT department will be tasked with, you will realize that some things are far easier said than done. The following are a few tasks that your IT department will need to perform, and soon enough, you will see the need for outsourced It support services Miami within your company.

Using Managed It Support Services MiamiTechnical Support: This is the most obvious function of your IT department, as you no doubt realize by this point, but what does it mean for you exactly? If you were to hire your own people to handle this particular task you would need at least five dedicated individuals ready to cater to the needs of employees around the office. The average user has no problem operating a computer, but technical problems are usually beyond them. For this reason, you need a team that is always on call, and always ready to fix any problems that arise.

Upgrades: This is an inevitable part of running a business; your computers will need to be upgraded at some point, and your tech support team will be the ones to do it. It will naturally be up to you to decide whether or not you need the latest software or hardware, but in the end, the burden of installation falls to the IT department.

Security: With computers come the need for security, and your business could actually depend upon how well you keep your files safe. In some cases, keeping those files secure could prevent lawsuits, believe it or not. As you grow as a company you could be protecting personal employee information within the bowels of your file system, or you might even be keeping customer payment information on file. We all remember the Sony debacle, do you want to repeat it within your own company? They survived because they are huge, you probably have not reached that point yet.

Backups: This is one part of the technical support world that simply cannot be understated. You need to  make sure that every piece of data you have is properly backed up, and that it can be accessed quickly. When you are running a smaller company this is not nearly as difficult, but when things grow a bit more complicated, you will find that you need off site backups and much larger storage media.

These are a few functions of a good technical support team, and you are probably starting to realize just why you need managed IT support services Miami. The biggest problem you will run into is a lack of hireable individuals for these positions. Those who are qualified know what value they can bring to your company and they will demand a salary comparable to their to their skill set. If you cannot provide that, then the managed route might be for you.

Going the Managed Route

By choosing to use managed IT support services Miami you will find that your IT department is essentially running on autopilot. Upgrades will be handled for you practically automatically, and technical support will be taken to an entirely new level. For example, rather than dispatching a technician to an employee’s desk each time there is a problem, virtual assistance can be used. There are programs in existence that allow the technician at the other end of a support can to assume control of the employee’s computer and fix any problems remotely. This is a time saver, and it allows the technical support team to help more of your employees. You can see the benefits of this system quite easily.

In addition to dealing with support issues on the employee level, you will find that this type of service, or rather, our type of service practically puts your IT department on auto pilot. You will find that our knowledge and experience in the area of information technology makes us a valuable and indispensable resource for your company, and with that being said, now would be a great time to visit our website and request a quote. It is important to remember that every single company is different and will require a different approach as far as IT support goes. Understanding this, you see why it is so important that you call sooner rather than later so that we can get on the road to understanding your company and working out a plan that suits you. It’s time to take your IT support by the reigns and start running your company.