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    The Virtual Office

    Many small business owner are discovering it no longer makes sense to invest in costly computer systems for their offices. Has your office network ever been infected by a virus that has crashed computers, that has impacted performance and added costs such as for IT support? Computer systems have to be maintained, they have to be upgraded or replaced when antiquated and unable to process newer, larger programs released in the marketplace that you will use. There are the upgrades, the IT visits, and what about the backups that I’ll bet you may not even be confident are any good, that is, if they’re even being done. Take a moment, consider what you’ve been paying for, the IT costs, the downtime, the frustration and variety of financial expenses you’ve been paying, and will continue to pay without change.

    Well, the good news is there’s a better way, a direction many of my customers have already turned to because what I’m telling you now I’ve already told them. The virtual office is a computer system with all the software you already use running on high performance equipment. With one click on your computer, which is really only used as a window to the virtual computer, you have access to all your programs from anywhere on any computer with access to the internet. And the virtual computer can be accessed simultaneously, by multiple users, each with their own independent and separate profile, all programs and data backed up daily for you, and the entire virtual system can be restored within minutes from any possible crash.

    So save your time, save your money, and stop paying unnecessary costs by virtualizing your computer system today.

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