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Who we are at Computer IT Solutions

In 1992 Computer IT Solutions founder Dan Mazur saw it coming.  The use of files, cabinets, mail, paper and pen was going to change forever.  Businesses best able to take advantage of the technology, best able to manage and keep their systems working would have a competitive edge.

Computer IT Solutions’ success and good relations with businesses in your community is simple.  We care about people, ours and yours, and for it create the best working environment for the hours we all endure.  We know your concerns, when your system goes down you need help right away, not a day or two later.   You need experts, specialists in a variety of technical fields with access to additional support when needed.   And you want it done right the first time, not after repeat visits and additional billing.  We also know it’s not a perfect world, that everyone makes mistakes.  If we do, we own it.  We take very seriously any form of misrepresentation or deception; have zero tolerance for any degree of falsity.  We are colorblind when it comes to the facts, all lies white or other are treated the unfavorable same.

Our technicians love their work, they wouldn’t be doing anything else, and for what all of us here at Computer IT Solutions do we get more than a paycheck at the end of the week, we are the kind of people who are rewarded simply for knowing we’ve helped make your life a little bit better.