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Managed On-Site / Off-Site IT Service Provider for South Florida.  Remote and Hosting Services for Everyone.


Our motto

Discover The Need, Find The Solution, Do It!

We’re here for you, the small business. 20 years of personal relations with hundreds of businesses in South Florida.
Our process, it’s always been the same…

“Discover The Need, Find The Solution, Do it!”

Your business is challenged. You need solutions when...
Data’s encrypted and you get ransom requests, disgruntled employees have access to important passwords, email spoofing crashes systems and tarnishes your reputation, labor is waisted because tasks are redundant and you lack efficiencies, repeat issues means repeat billing.
We’re 20 years in this business. We’ve seen it all because we’re called when catastrophe strikes. Should I go on, want to know more about what should concern you? I gave you the short list for a reason…
You don’t need to know all the problems, just the cure.
We’ve seen the catastrophes, found the solutions, and we’re paying it forward. Avoid the bad experiences, the devastation of financial loss. Don’t make the mistake thinking you’re “getting by” with support services that “know enough”. Meet with us, we’ll tell you what we’ve experienced.

Take advantage of our exposure to real world outcome, of our discoveries and solutions implemented.

Don't learn the hard way. The learning's done, the solution is here.
Dan Mazur
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