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Back it Up using Managed IT Services

pdf-8There was a time when the paper, pen, and file cabinet were the be all end all when it came to record keeping, but as the years went by, they were mostly phased out and replaced by server towers, wires, and hard drives. Time has not been kind to the more traditional ways, and with new technology comes new needs, especially when it comes to maintenance. If you are starting a business, or if, perhaps, you have found that your hands are getting full, then you may definitely want to consider using managed IT services. There are many benefits to using a managed service, the most important of which, in our opinion, is the managed backup. As one of the most essential enterprise IT solutions, backups will always be necessary, and they will always provide a significant benefit.

Why Do You need a Backup Service?

Your first question when you think of employing a service like this, is why you shouldn’t simply use your own backup service? Keeping your data in house is without a doubt one of your first concerns, but there are issues associated with attempting to do it all on your own. For example, if you aren’t familiar with backup systems, you won’t be able to create a completely efficient image. If your server fails, or if you lose your primaries, will you be able to get your data back and your company on track with no problem, or will it take a significant amount of time? Remember, in any business, time is money – money that you don’t want to spend.

This remote IT service is necessary for a number of different reasons. First of all, your business is not something that simply exists because you willed it into existence. Everything you are, and everything you were is stored in the records that you have kept for your business, and with that being the case, losing them would be not only detrimental to your company, it would be completely and utterly devastating. So, as you move forward with your business, your backups will become more and more complicated, giving you very little choice but to rely on outside agencies. The only question, is who can you trust? How can you be sure you’re getting what you need? Our service not only delivers, it ensures that you have everything you need. Some of our features include:

  • Automatic Setup: Unlike other services on the market, we do not assume that you know everything about data backup. That being said, we setup, program, and monitor your backups for you on our servers. Once you are set up, the entire thing is hands free.
  • Daily Backup: In the same vein as the automation, we ensure that your backups are protected and that they are stored to a secondary off-site location.
  • Security: You want your data to be secure, and so do we. We employ an AES 128 – 256 Encrypted SSL transfer. Your data has never been safer
  • Redundancy: It is our opinion that a single backup is not NEARLY enough. For that reason we copy your backups to a secondary server to ensure that none of your data is ever lost. Of course, the secondary backup will be privy to the same security measures as the first.
  • Reporting: You want to know how your data is doing, and we want to let you know. For this reason we will be sending out constant reports in regards to your data and any hanges that have been made.

Our service is capable of backing up from any source. This includes laptops, desktops, and even netbooks if you still use them. One the backup has been made, we completely guarantee its integrity. What do we mean by this exactly? We mean that no matter what happens, we are more than capable of restoring from a backup of our own, and getting your data back to normal. When you are entrusting your corporate it services with a company like ours, you expect nothing less than the best, and we can understand that perfectly. This is YOUR data, and it is YOUR company that is one the line. Yes, you might keep your own data, but isn’t it nice to know there is something to fall back on? We provide that ‘something’ and we are more than happy to make sure your business is secure.

Backups are one of the most necessary managed it services simply because you never know what might happen. There are things in life that you cannot control, whether it is a devastating fire, or perhaps a complete system failure. There are an untold number of circumstances and scenarios in which you could lose your data, and no matter what, you want to make sure that you are prepared for them. There is certainly no shame in being prepared, and by having a good, solid backup supporting your infrastructure, you will help to ensure that your business remains intact for many years to come. Remember, without your data backups, your business could easily crumble to the ground, and it could take months or even years to rebuild yourself back to the point you were at. Don’t let that happen. Skip that step entirely, and let us handle the dirty work. You deserve it, and your company deserves it.