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Cybersecurity Hygiene

Don't be caught off guard


What is cybersecurity hygiene?

Cyber hygiene is a guide to best practices and steps users of computers and other devices can take to keep systems healthy and improve security. They are routine practices best ensuring the safety of data and identity that could be stolen or corrupted.  As with physical hygiene, cyber hygiene is regularly conducted to ward off theft, corruption and more.


Your Cybersecurity checklist

Password Protection

  • Use a secure password manager
  • Use multi factor authentication when available
  • Use complex passphrase with numbers, symbols and/or upper- and lower-case letters
  • Never provide your password when requested by email or through a site. Contact the requester by phone
  • Disable password save in computer browsers

  • Don’t keep password lists in emails, within unsecured programs, on paper off your person


  • Use VPN when public Wi-Fi is necessary
  • Require a password in order to access a thumb drive
  • Encrypt / password protect documents as appropriate
  • Cover the camera on your laptop and tablet
  • Keep work and private personal digital information separate
  • Always manually log off of networks, websites, and email platforms when you are finished
  • Periodically clear out cookies
  • Consider faxing confidential information

  • Consider using a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) shield for credit cards, passports, debit cards, atm cards, drivers licenses

Hardware, Software and Operating Systems

  • Keep software and operating systems up to date – Fully & frequently patched and correctly configured
  • Don’t install outdated or unsupported software

  • Use onsite and offsite backups for important data
  • Implement patches as soon as available
  • Virus and Malware programs installed on computers with current definitions
    information separate
  • Install a tracker to locate lost devices
  • Install a program/app that can remotely lock or wipe lost devices