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Email Migration Form

In order to expedite and ensure the smoothest, error free transition from your old email service provider to Computer IT Solutions, please have all email account holders answer the following;

    1. Your Name, First and Last

    2. Your title

    3. Your Email Address

    4. Your Email Password (if not provided we will send you a new password. Use it regain access to your CURRENT mailbox)

    5. Best way to contact you (can be Skype, Whatsapp, SMS, Zoom, phone, email...)
    cell phone: other:

    6. Best time to contact you (eastern time - will need a 5 - 10 minute conversation/dialog)

    7. Select all devices where your email is used.
    a. Device Type Outlook installed?

    b. Device Type Outlook installed?

    c. Device Type Outlook installed?

    d. Device Type Outlook installed?

    e. Device Type Outlook installed?

    f. Device Type Outlook installed?

    g. Device Type Outlook installed?

    8. Have you exported any data from your email account?

    9. Signature upload (optional. jpg, gif, tif, png format only. 50K max)

    10. If YES to question 8, please provide the following details;
    a. Approx date(s) of export
    b. Location(s) of exported data
    c. How was the data exported?

    11. Please check services other than email you use and need
    CalendarAddress BookAuto ReplySignatureRulesTasksNotesCategoriesAuto Complete

    12. List any email aliases you have

    13. List any distribution groups you belong to

    14. Outlook add-ins used or desired
    Outlook on the DesktopAdvanced Folder WatchGrammarlyText LightningEvernoteBoomerangMr. Post - Email InspectorPaypPalCustom SignaturesDropbox for OutlookTrelloMeisterTaskDocSendFindTimeTranslator for OutlookZoomCorc'dDuplicate RemoverEmojis


    15. Have you logged into OWA (Outlook Web Access) to determine if you will ever need email data that doesn't appear there?

    16. Is any email data missing from OWA that you will need?

    17. Please provide detailed information about data missing from OWA. Consult with your company to determine what needs to be preserved. When the migration is completed there will no longer be any access to emails archived by your previous email service provider. They will be gone forever.

    18. Additional information we need to know about your account.

    What to expect next…

    1. We will contact you, a 5 – 10 minute dialog is required regarding your account.
    2. Next, you will continue using your email, as is, as you have been, absolutely no changes.
    3. Within a weeks time we will contact you again (migrations of large account, 50G – 100G can take as long as 2 weeks to complete).  An appointment will be set to connect your phone, ipad, desktop, laptop, all devices where your email is used. We do this for you, remotely or in person. On some occasions settings will be input by you as support is provided over the phone.
    4. Finished!  All your devices have email accounts and will work exactly as before.  They look the same, they are the same, nothing to learn as only settings for the accounts have been modified to work with your new service provider – Computer IT Solutions!
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