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Finding the Best Company for Managed IT Services in Miami

Many businesses try and manage their own computer services on their own. One of the main reasons if because they want to be entirely in control of their business in every aspect, including IT management. However, many companies are not skilled in computer management. If it is a large company or corporation they may not have the capability or capacity to be able to manage their computer systems on their own. In these types of circumstances an IT Management service is a good option that will benefit a business in the long run.

Managed IT Services in Miami

What Services Does an IT Management Service Provide?

IT Management service companies can provide a various array of computer management services depending on what the client’s needs are. Managed IT Services in Miami are not any different from any other area in the country. A company’s computer system can be managed either remotely or on-site. The services provided include software installation and management, network setup and management and computer repair just to name a few. It is far easier for a company to hire an IT management service because then they can focus on their business rather than worrying about their computers running properly or constantly having to install and update software. Our skilled staff will work to provide the client with the best service possible. We provide an assessment of the client’s computer management needs and then provide a cost estimate. We customize our services to fit each individual client. Whether it’s just one computer or several hundred computers we are available to handle any type of computer service or management service. We use all of the most current and up to date software.

Security is one of the main concerns for our clients. We go to every possible length to make sure that our client’s computer systems and servers are kept secure at all times. Many of the top companies in the world have had issues with hacking and security breaches. Confidential information such as social security numbers, addresses and financial information have been compromised and stolen. We make sure that we constantly monitor these types of situations and put steps in place to prevent them from occurring. If necessary, we advise our clients that it is necessary to encrypt confidential information, update virus and malware protection and maintain password protection. One thing that is important is to advice our clients to have their employees frequently change their computer passwords. Another thing we advise is that all computers be shutdown daily or every other day so that computers cannot be accessed by cleaning crews or security guards when businesses are closed.

How Do I Know That I Can Trust Your Company for my Managed IT Services in Miami?

We feel that our reputation speaks for itself. However, we also know that many of our future clients will have doubts about us. This is where we have to show just how great we are with managed IT services in Miami. Clients are more than welcome to use us on a temporary or trial basis before they decide to make a long term commitment. Some potential clients will decide to only have us do one type of service for them before they decide to have us provide full and comprehensive managed services for them.

Our company was founded in 1992 when computer technology was starting to grow. Our founder foresaw that businesses were going to need help advancing into the technology area. As we began to grow, our customers realized just how great of a service we provided and began to recommend us to their friends, family and other businesses in the area. Our website has a customer testimonials page.  Our customer testimonials page speaks volumes for our company. These are not paid testimonials, either. The testimonials are written from real customers. They aren’t just from customers who have used us for years and year, either. Some of our testimonials are from customers who have used us for single simple services such as software installation. Others are from long-term customers who are so satisfied with our services that they would never think about switching over to any other IT management Service Company.

How Expensive are your IT Management Services in Miami?

Our services are very affordable. We will be glad to provide a future client with a free consultation on any prospective services. On our website, we offer free software that can be downloaded such as anti-virus and malware protection and computer monitoring for employers who want to remotely monitor their employee’s computer activity. However, these are just basic software programs that we offer for a free download. Current, non-OEM and high-quality software is available as part of our paid management service as part of a package or as a separate service. We offer competitive pricing without overcharging our customers. We also do not charge for any services that we have not yet provided. We offer several ways to pay for our services, as well.  We even accept online payments so that customers can go onto our website to make their payment once they have received their invoice. We also have gift cards available for purchase if someone wants to provide computer service for their child as a graduation gift or for their grandmother that they bought a computer for as a Christmas gift so she can use Skype to talk to her family.

We feel that we have only the best to offer to anyone who is searching for an IT Management Service. We want businesses and individuals to not have to worry about their computers being infected with a virus. If someone suspects that their employees are shopping online, playing Candy Crush or spending time on Facebook and Twitter when they should be doing their work then we want to help that employer find out what’s going on and solve the problem.  Don’t hesitate and put your business at risk because of something as simple as IT management. Contact us by visiting our website at http://www.compits.net/.