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managed it support services fort lauderdaleA bulk of Comp Its’ accounts comprise of managed IT support services in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

IT support services encompass a plethora of different activities depending on the need of the organization. Our white glove service means no matter when you need us, we’ll be there for you.

Are your employees complaining that their computers are slow and as a result, making them inefficient? There can be many reasons for this. Some include, low RAM, outdated computers, malware, spyware, exploited vulnerabilities, etc.

Inspecting the problem, then using our expert knowledge to diagnose and repair is what we do best. You will be glad to know that our Founder Dan Mazur established Comp Its in 1992. This is important to know as this shows the extreme length of time “seeing it all”. They say to become an expert in any industry, you must have 10,000 hours doing that task. Our Founder is certainly considered an expert.

Type of Managed IT Services in Fort Lauderdale :

managed it services in fort lauderdale

Computer Repair Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL: This is the main service we offer due to high demand for both commercial and residential accounts. With the extreme growth of malware, spyware, viruses, etc; it should be no surprise that at any time, you can experience “the blue screen of death”.  This is when you see a blue screen and are unable to do anything. In a corporate environment, nothing can be more parasitic to the efficiency of staff. Or perhaps you’ve ran an anti-virus type program

and this is not the issue. Maybe your processing power needs to be upgraded or your RAM utilization is being maxed out, hence slowing down the computer. Without seeing the computer and digging deep into the issue, there are to many variables to account for for self-diagnose. Rather than hiring a full-time IT specialist, you can utilize our services which are flat rate in Fort Lauderdale!

Corporate Computer Maintenance & Outsourced IT Support Services: Maintenance plays a large role in the smooth operation of your computers. With employees checking emails, social media, etc; it is not surprising that our computer repair services are needed often. However, with our corporate computer maintenance services, you can minimize the chances that something will need a repair. Our team can block certain websites from your employees to increase productivity and reduce the likelihood of any type of accidental wrong doing. Additionally, keeping the computers clean and free from old files slowing down the computers is important. Our corporate computer maintenance services in Fort Lauderdale, FL fall under our outsourced IT 

Installation Services of Hardware & Software: If you have purchased a specific part to be installed in one computer or a hundred computers, our team has the experience to ensure a smooth installation. One wrong move can harm your computer(s). Whether you are looking for the installation of processors, RAM, graphics cards, etc; we have you covered. All at a fair rate. The same applies to software. With some software requiring advanced installations, our team has the understanding of all major operating systems such as Windows, Linux, & iOS. support category. This is only because we will not be full-time in your office. Rather, on stand by if and when you need us or for a routine checkup on your systems performance. Outsourced IT support services are offered by many companies, however, we are separated by our vast experience spanning over 22 years in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

On-site & Off-Site Computer Data Backup: In Fort Lauderdale, your business needs to have all your critical data backed up. In the event of a hazard such as a fire, hurricane, or water damage, overnight you can lose all your precious and valuable data. This can be catastrophic to most businesses. To avoid this, we offer both on-site & off-site computer data backup for corporations and consumers. This is one of the wisest investments you can make. Our managed IT services in Fort Lauderdale, FL incorporates all bullet points we have mentioned thus far.

Network Cabling Installation: Network cabling can be a daunting task when you move into a new office. Depending on the number of computers, it is not advised for anyone to take this task on that is not very experienced. Ensuring that your network cabling installation is clean, and free of visible wires is key. You want your office to look clean and not cluttered.

Consumer & Corporate Data Recovery Services: Losing data from your computer can be a scary thought. Unfortunately, it happens. Whether your hard drive crashed, you were infected with a complex virus, etc; the good news is that our success rate is quite high. The accumulation of your data such as customer files, invoices, videos, proprietary information, etc; inevitably were not easy to acquire. With over 22 years of experience, our team can quickly retrieve the valuable data you need.

Other Managed IT Services in Fort Lauderdale: The above is just some of our most popular support services being offered. You’ll be glad to know our services do not stop there. Comp Its’ also offers email hosting, custom data storage solutions, data recovery, secure data wipe, secure data wipe.

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Comp Its’ has been around for quite some time now. This is not by chance. Our teams passion, experience, and price fairness has allowed our organization to grow to levels we never thought possible 22 years ago. Give us a call today to see what differentiates us from the competition.

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