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Managed IT Services in Miami are What Every Business Needs

Managed IT Services in Miami When it comes to IT support, the phrase you need to know is ‘Managed Services”.  Each day more and more companies are turning to this type of support.  What does it mean though and how do you know if you will actually be getting the IT services that your business requires as opposed to just a flat rate – basic services package?

Managed Services can be defined as when a business can turn over IT operations to a managed IT service provider.  This provider will then assume the responsibility for monitoring the services on a 24 hour basis while also managing them and providing resolutions for any problems that might arise for these IT operations.  These service providers do not necessarily need to be physically located close to your business.  For example, a New York company might have obtained Managed It Support Services in Miami.

In the Beginning

IT support services in Miami is not actually where it all began.  Companies that had assisted small networks long ago were hamstrung by not having the appropriate tools to repair the problems.  Maintenance of these networks was on a break-fix basis.  In other words, if something broke then someone was called in to try to repair it.

Over time, these support people who were called in on an as needed basis began to develop programs and procedures that would allow for them to periodically come onto the site and perform system reviews and basically look for any signs that they might be able to fix small problems before they turned into massive issues.

The major issue with this method was that they would only be able to see what was happening on the day that they were checking.  If something occurred after they left, the support professionals would have no clue until the client called them.

Simultaneously, software and hardware vendors were constantly adding better new ways that would allow for the systems to signal the users that there was a problem as soon as possible.  In the early 1990’s, Simple Network Management Protocol came into development and was getting put into use with PCs.  The very first systems that were able to monitor these tools and then transform the data into information that was usable were very complex to manage as well as being geared specifically for larger networks and they were also way outside the price range of most small businesses.

It wasn’t until 2005 that these systems began to mature and allow for small businesses to also take advantage of the same benefits and features that the larger companies had had access to for years.  This technology began the computer IT services movement.

Managed IT Support in Miami is Available for Small, Medium and Large Businesses

Today, the managed IT services in Miami utilizes software that allows for the users to work towards a couple of impressive goals:

*Every single thing on the network that will have the end result of a user risk or symptom sends and alert either before it happens or when it occurs. This allows the managed IT services Miami to know about it

*Each alert that they receive is important and as such, it needs to be handled right away.

The better a managed service provider can reach and maintain these goals, the better they can provide a truly managed service and this allows for them to be more than just a service that is called on only when something breaks.

So, why all the hype?

Smaller companies need their technology to be able to operate efficiently as well as o be able to compete effectively just like the larger companies do.  However, as our reliance on the world of technology grows, the resources that are necessary to support an IT environment that is increasingly complex do not.  In many cases, IT resources for small businesses are quite limited and it doesn’t take much for them to be overwhelmed.

If you find that you are falling behind in your backups, security and patches then the odds that you will face a problem or a complete IT outage down the road multiply exponentially.  This will definitely have a negative impact on many aspects of your business.  As an example, if your network, financial application, customer relationship management system or email server goes down, the result will be the loss of productivity and revenue.

Benefits of Managed IT Support Services in Miami

To put it bluntly – the largest benefit to having this type of service is the ability to find and fix problems before they have a chance to have a negative impact on your business.

A computer network that is proactively serviced and well maintained will run better than one that isn’t.  Just as a car that has its oil changes and preventive maintenance done regularly will perform better than a car that hasn’t had those services.  With proactive desktop optimization, patch management and network monitoring being done on a regular schedule, the difference in operations will be very noticeable.

Other benefits include but are not limited to things like:

*More cost efficiency. Businesses will be able to both control and reduce the operating costs with a model that has flat fee billing.  This allows for cost effective access to support that is at an enterprise level.

*Monitoring on a 24 hour basis. Because these managed services providers also manage all of the vendor relationships as well as issues with slowness or outages of the internet, websites, cell phones, phones and printers, they are always dealt with by your managed service provider.   This type of 24 hour protection gives business owners a level of security and comfort that was impossible until now.

Managed IT services is an industry that will be around and vital to smooth business operations for many years to come.  Is this something that would benefit your business?  Of course it is.  Businesses, especially smaller ones cannot afford for their systems to be down even for a small amount of time.  Protect your business now with managed IT services.