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Seek the Best Managed IT Support Services Fort Lauderdale

So you’re starting a company, but you’re not sure where to go with the IT side of things. This is actually quite natural, considering the many different aspects of information technology. One of the biggest issues you are going to have is that of keeping good backups, and to be perfectly honest, there may actually be legal ramifications for not doing so. What do we mean by this exactly? First of all, you need to make sure that all of your client and customer information is stored properly, and in addition to that, it is important that you keep all of your sales records secure for the purpose of tax information. Losing either of these could seriously hurt your business, and with that being the case, it is important to ensure proper backups, even though you may not be able to do it on your own. Our data backup solution is most definitely one that you will want to consider for your company immediately, and we can give you the ability to not only recover your data, but to recover data you lost as a result of user error. How many times have you found yourself dismayed because you accidentally deleted a file? Imagine if you could say goodbye to those days, forever. With our service, you certainly can. This is one form of IT support services Fort Lauderdale that you really do not want to miss out on.

Your Data Backup with Outsourced IT Support Services Fort Lauderdale

Seek the Best Managed IT Support Services Fort Lauderdale

When most people hear the word ‘outsourcing’, they tend to cringe because it takes away local jobs. While this might be true, there are some jobs that locals simply cannot do. Unless your company is located in Silcone Valley and has nearly unlimited resources you will either be unable to find individuals able to do the job, or you will simply be unable to pay them what they are worth. That being said, our company is not only here to help you with the basic IT tasks, but also to help you with your data backup and recovery. If that doesn’t get your attention, we don’t know what will.

Offsite Backups are the Way

When it comes to backing up your data you have many different options, one of the most obvious to simply make copies of your files. Simple  networks and single computers will be easy to copy, but when things get a bit more complicated, as with multi-computer networks, you will rather quickly find that you cannot just walk to each computer with a flash drive and the expectation that you are going to back everything up. It just won’t work! This is when you need to start to think bigger, and in most cases, bigger is better. Our company, in addition to providing the best corporate computer maintenance services in Fort Lauderdale, FL also works to ensure that your data is safe and secure, off-site. The benefits of storing offsite are virtually endless, but here are a few of them:

  •  Easy access to your stored data
  • Separate from main building in case of fire
  • Data is stored on state of the art servers
  • Immediate data restoration in the event of disaster

So how does it work exactly? What makes our backup services different from other companies/? One thing that tends to set us apart is the fact that we are able to install an agent on each of your servers and workstations which will communicate over the internet with our backup servers. All of your important(and specified) data will be copied and stored. In addition to that, our agent actually acts intelligently, meaning only recent changes in your data are backed up. What does that mean exactly? It means that you don’t have to worry about excess bandwidth costs, and that is priceless.

Because the information is backed up so fastidiously, you can expect to retrieve accidentally deleted files within a matter of minutes. All you need to do is check the listed times and click ‘restore’ to get the information back. This brings data restoration to an entirely new level, if we do say so ourselves.

Finally, our service is able to perform full backups of the e-mail system ensuring that your mail flow is not disturbed. All of the information you accumulate during the course of a year, or several years with your company is very important. You need to make sure that it is protected and with our managed IT services Fort Lauderdale, and that you are ready to take advantage of our other services. You might be surprised at just what you can do with our other services and how they can help you in both the short term as well as the long term. There is nothing quite as useful as outsourcing, especially when it comes to your IT department. Give it a try today; you won’t regret it, and you certainly won’t want to do it any other way!